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Certainly contact us at or 503-285-7765 with any questions or issues with the system.


Holiday Gift Certificate Conditions and Restrictions:

• Specials are Gift Certificates: the value is the amount paid and is non-refundable.
• See specific class details for more information on what's included with each class.
• Gift certificates only apply to Island Sailing courses, and not to contracted courses and activities (e.g., do not apply to Adventure Vacations, San Juan Bareboats or Cruise & Learn, Offshore, etc...). Contact us if you have questions.
• Off-Season specials require the student to take the course between October 1st and April 1st. Students can upgrade to another course at the price difference between the certificate value and standard class rate. The exception is if Island Sailing reschedules a class due to weather or related safety concerns, in which case the student will be placed in the next available class and at no additional charge.
• Course Bundles are not restricted to off-season. A benefit of the bundles is that we emphasize practice and experience between courses.
• Two weeks notice is required to schedule a class.
• The $100 Gift Certificate is not applicable to and cannot be combined with other specials/discounts or member dues.

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