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• Off-season classes: $415.00 per student

• All year (incl. peak): $415.00 per student

Give the gift of sailing – share sailing with friends and family with this full certification basic sailing course.

No prerequisite required!

What’s included: all online knowledge materials, 2 days small group instruction and certification upon demonstrating competency.

Sailing Gift Certificate: certificate recipients can redeem for Basic Sailing course. See conditions for more details, or contact us for more info.

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Island Sailing course rating of 4.5+ Rated 4.9 of 5 Stars by students!

Nasbla Verified CourseLearn to Sail – begin your sailing with no prior experience!  In the Basic Sailing Course you learn the fundamental knowledge and practical skills required to be become a competent sailor and gain your Skipper Small Keelboat Certification – all in a relaxed and fun weekend.

Learning to sail is fun, easy and safe.  The course is a combination of online knowledge study followed by a weekend of on-water practical training.

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You begin shortly after sign-up with online knowledge courses – the online knowledge courses allow you learn the fundamentals at your own pace.The practical class itself is mostly on the water and with an emphasis on students learning, practicing and refining basic sailing maneuvers and skills. Testing is online, which frees a significant amount of on-the-water time.

Your instructor is US Coast Guard Licensed, highly experienced and dedicated to making the class a safe and enjoyable learning experience. If the instructor feels the class (or individuals) need more training (no wind, &c.), they’re empowered to follow-up at no additional cost to the students.


Small Group

2 Days Small Group Instruction

Courses are kept small for personalized instruction, and our instructors are highly experienced sailors and USCG Captains. The weekend will be spent both in the classroom (a little) and on the water (a lot), and the emphasis is on learning and practicing practical skills. By the end of the class the instructor will verify your competency at a Skipper level, which means the instructor is confident in your abilities to sail or crew without him. Some examples of what you’ll learn and practice:

  • Sailing terms and communications
  • How to use the tiller properly
  • How to raise the sails
  • Use the various lines to make adjustments or “trim” the sails
  • Basic maneuvers such as tacking and gybing.
  • Docking,
  • Raising and lowering the sails
  • Retrieving crew-overboard.

By the end of the course, you’ll garner respect from your crew as a helmsman, learn to handle the sails and lines as crew, and tying knots such as bowlines and hitches will become second nature. And, we guarantee competency!



Skipper Small Keelboat Certification

NauticEd Skipper Small Keelboat CertificationCertification requires you demonstrate knowledge and on-water practical sailing competency. Knowledge and testing is completed online and at your own pace. Your instructor will assess your on water competency during the course. With NauticEd it’s really simple: when you sign-up, you’ll be given access to all the courses and an online resume that records your online training, instructor sign-offs and experience…

Each step is recorded in your online resume, and once ALL the required steps are achieved – you’re certified. Pretty cool, eh?

American National Standard – Sail

Nasbla Verified CourseOur training adheres to EDU-3 On-Water Sail Standards (American National Standard), the official standard for on-water instruction in entry-level recreational sailboat operation, and as is verified by NASBLA as conforming to an “independent third-party assessment process”.

The effort was funded by the United States Coast Guard in an effort to increase boating safety, and our courses utilize the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved Rubric Methodology. What does this mean? Our instructors use the ANSI ‘rubric methodology’ to objectively assess student performance in our courses. Upon successful completion, students will receive the ANS endorsement on their sailing certification, which signifies that their certification meets USCG recreational competence standards. Read more about the American National Standard and NASBLA »



Gift Certificate Conditions and Restrictions:

A sailing gift certificate for any class, seminar, rental or charter.• Specials are Gift Certificates: the value is the amount paid and is non-refundable.
• See specific class details for more information on what’s included with each class.
• Gift certificates only apply to Island Sailing courses, and not to contracted courses and activities (e.g., do not apply to Adventure Vacations, San Juan Bareboats or Cruise & Learn, Offshore, etc…). Contact us if you have questions.
• Off-Season specials require the student to take the course between October 1st and April 1st. Students can upgrade to another course at the price difference between the certificate value and standard class rate. The exception is if Island Sailing reschedules a class due to weather or related safety concerns, in which case the student will be placed in the next available class and at no additional charge.
• Course Bundles are not restricted to off-season. A benefit of the bundles is that we emphasize practice and experience between courses.
• Two weeks notice is required to schedule a class.
• The $100 Gift Certificate is not applicable to and cannot be combined with other specials/discounts or member dues.



What’s Included? You’ll receive a confirmation email with details and redemption instructions as well as a card you can print & sign. Separately you’ll receive a receipt from PayPal.
How are certificates redeemed? We’ll provide instructions, and depending on the certificate coupon codes that can be redeemed online. The recipient can schedule online or contact us directly. We retain records of each certificate – so, there’s little concern if the recipient loses the information.
What’s included in the courses? Check the course description for what’s specifically included in each course. Generally, the courses include online knowledge training with NauticEd, (b) multi-day practical training and upon successful completion of knowledge and practical (c) certification. Our courses comply with the USCG’s assessment standards, meaning that students are only practically certified if they demonstrate competency and safe boating on the water.
When can we start the online training? The recipient can start as soon as they’d like, and we encourage getting a head start with the online training so that it’s completed before the class start. If the recipient doesn’t yet have a set course date, they can contact us and we’ll get the knowledge going. We do not register the participant for online upon purchase because, simply, we don’t want to spoil the gift! Again, they need only to contact us to get started with training.
How does “Off-Season” scheduling work? Off-Season specials require the student to take the course between October 1st and April 1st. Students can upgrade to another course at the price difference between the certificate value and standard class rate. The exception is if Island Sailing reschedules a class due to weather or related safety concerns, in which case the student will be placed in the next available class and at no additional charge. In practice, trust that we appreciate that “life” happens and schedules don’t always work out as planned. If a conflict or an issue, just contact us and we’ll work out alternatives.
How are payments processed? Payments are processed via PayPal when purchased online, and processed via Intuit Merchant Services if purchased over the phone. Both systems are secure.
Do certificates expire? Nope, but we do recommend recipients use the certificate as soon as is reasonable.


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